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Anne Khn
Lundbyvej 4
4261 Dalmose
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About me and my cats

My name is Anne Khn, I was born in 1967, and work full time in Copenhagen.

I show a lot in Denmark and most of Europe.

I have been president of Norsk Skovkattering Danmark for many years.

 I have been  in Felis Danica's breeding council, and  are Int. FIFe semilonghair judge.

Ingrid Leiswall

You can write to me at starkad@email.dk.

My cats are first and foremost my pets, secondly my breeding- and show cats.
The females are living together with me in the house. Since cats are individualists, I have them inside on shift. At the end of my house I have built a cat garden at about 20 square meters, which the cats can use as they want to when I am at home.


My males are living outside all year, I do not want my house to stink like a zoo, and my males spray a lot. They have a covered cat garden each at about 10-15 square meters. These are part of my large cat garden at about 55 square meters, divided into 5 rooms. In each room there is an isolated house, where they can sleep together with the females they are with.

In the summer 2004, i hade my backyard fenced. This gives my cats about 300 squaremeters more room. They love to be outside playing, catching leaves, flies and other flying things.

My kittens are born in my guest room that is in one end of the house. There the mother can have peace and quiet, and it is still so close that I can keep an eye at them and socialise. At the age of 3 weeks they are moved to the living room in a play pen, where they are getting used to eating real food and using the litter box. At the age of 6 weeks they are free to run in the whole house. When the weather is good, they are allowed to go outside for short runs. But I keep them inside most of the time to give them maximum human contact 






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